Each year, the Nantucket Conference brings together a small group of creative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and executives. There are several reasons why the Nantucket Conference is a must-attend gathering.

First, there are unique opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking in a relaxing, informal environment. We acknowledge that much of the value of the Nantucket Conference comes from impromptu hallway conversations, serendipitous seatings at lunch, and walks around town. Nantucket is a place for having fun, doing business, and making new connections.

Second, sessions on Nantucket elicit the kind of real-world war stories and insight that you don’t hear at any other conference. We limit the use of PowerPoint and forbid blatant company pitches. Also, since there is precisely no difference in the caliber of people on stage and those in the audience, there is always plenty of opportunity at each session for interaction and debate.

Not your cookie-cutter conference.

Finally, this isn’t an event produced by a conference company that churns out dozens of cookie-cutter events each year. Nantucket is organized by a group of people — our Advisory Board — who actually work in the technology space every day.

The Nantucket Conference has forged stronger connections between the talented people building technology companies, the people funding those companies, and the people making technology decisions at larger, more established organizations.

If you’ve attended the Conference before, we’d like to invite you back. If you haven’t, we invite you to find out what makes the Nantucket Conference so special. But no matter which group you’re in, we suggest that you register early, as we are strictly limiting the size of the event, and the vast majority of last year’s attendees indicated that they plan to return.

Other Programs
In addition to the annual Nantucket Conference, there are occasional opportunities to bring together a subset of the participants to delve further into a given topic through dinner programs and other gatherings.  Past topics have included “Accelerating Growth through Culture, Recruiting and Retention” and our “Table for Twelve” Dinner Series with speakers including Brad Maiorino, Maria Cirino, John Halamka and Tom Erickson.

For more information about any of these programs or if you have an interest in gathering a select group of industry influencers around a specific topic, please contact us.

The Organizers
The Nantucket Conference is one of the high-level gatherings produced by Future Forward Events, LLC. Since 2000, our programs, which also include the Convergence Forum, have assembled innovators and change agents from various fields — people as diverse as John Abele, co-founder of Boston Scientific; inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil; genomics pioneer J. Craig Venter; Google CEO Eric Schmidt; Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe; Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster; Genzyme CEO Henri Termeer; medical device entrepreneur Dean Kamen; and Doug Melton of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.