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Continuing the conversations that take place each year at Nantucket, Future Forward Events hosts programs in the greater Boston area throughout the year. Each program delves further into a specific topic discussed among a targeted group of executives. For more information about participating in one of these programs, please contact Alyssa Stern.

March 27, 2008
Consumer Tech in Boston...Stalking the Wily Consumer
Sandrine's Bistro
Cambridge, MA

This dinner discussion was led by a group of consumer-oriented executives and entrepreneurs who shared their experiences developing and marketing compelling products for consumers. The conversation was led by Steve Krampf, Co-founder and CEO, Chestnut Hill Sound; Harry West, VP of Strategy and Innovation, Continuum; designer of Reebok's pump sneaker, the Swiffer, nTag's intelligent nametag, and OLPC's $100 Laptop; Antonio Rodriguez, Founder, Tabblo; General Manager, HP Publishing Services; and Carl Yankowski, CEO, Ambient Devices; former CEO of Palm Computing and President of Sony Electronics.

The dinner discussion addressed topics including how do you gain true insights into consumer behavior? Can consumer products be too innovative? How do you think through pricing strategy? Is free the future of consumer tech? How do you communicate with consumers and generate buzz without a multi-million dollar ad budget? How do you develop the right partnerships with retailers and distributors?

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Entrepreneurs on the Edge
February 13, 2008
Cambridge Innovation Center, 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA

Entrepreneurs on the Edge is an after-work cocktail conversation geared to entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in exploring new fields and technologies.Entrepreneurs on the Edge is like "show-and-tell" for the digerati: a series of demos around a specific sector, along with an interactive discussion of the challenges that entrepreneurs in this particular sector are facing. We begin with schmoozing over drinks and hors d'oeuvres, move into a very interactive hour of demos and discussion, and then wrap up with more networking and hands-on demo time. Attendance is free, but attendees are screened: the audience is comprised of company founders and active investors only.

The theme for the February 13th event was Seeing in New Ways: Next-Gen Display Technology. Speakers included: Adam Bogue, VP, MERL/DiamondTouch; Peter Kazlas, PhD, Director, Device Development, QD Vision; David Rose, Founder, Ambient; Mark Spitzer, Founder and CTO, Myvu; and Rob Zehner, Senior Display Architect, E Ink.

Listen to Dan Bricklin's Podcast of the program.

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March 15, 2007
The Best Advice I've Ever Given / The Best Advice I've Ever Gotten
A Candid Discussion About Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
Henrietta's Table
Cambridge, MA

This dinner discussion was led by Jeffrey Beir, Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners; Jeff Bussgang, General Partner, IDG Ventures; Woody Benson, General Partner, Prism Venture Partners; Dean Goodermote, CEO, NSI Software and Venture Partner, ABS Capital; and Lucy McQuilken, Investment Manager, Intel Capital. Investors regularly offer advice to the management of their portfolio companies -- who usually accept it, and on occasion, ignore it.  Entrepreneurs offer advice to other entrepreneurs. Our dinner discussion, led by a panel of speakers who have been both entrepreneurs and investors, focused on the role advice plays in trying to build successful companies: good advice, bad advice, advice accepted, and advice ignored.

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March 28, 2006
The State of M&A in New England
Upstairs on the Square
Cambridge, MA

Michael Cody, Vice President of Corporate Development, EMC and David Friend, Founder and CEO of Carbonite, led the conversation at this dinner moderated by Marina Hatsopoulos, Director at GSI Group; Director at Contex Holding and a member of the Advisory Board of Z Corporation.  

Our speakers addressed issues like:  What makes a good acquisition in today's market?  What are some of the perils start-ups face when engaging in M&A discussions?  What are typical (and atypical) deal terms, the challenge of closing deals, and of making them work afterwards? 

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