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Veterans on the Nantucket Conference Committee include:

Pamela Aldsworth - Managing Director, SVB Capital

Laura Fitton - Inbound Marketing Evangelist, HubSpot

Shayne Gilbert - Founder, Silverweave; author, 90 Days to Launch

Brent Grinna - Founder and CEO, EverTrue

Marina Hatsopoulos - Director, Angel Investor, Windy Street, Inc.

Scott Kirsner - Innovation Economy columnist, The Boston Globe; author, Fans, Friends & Followers

John Landry - Managing Director, Lead Dog Ventures 

Aaron Lapat - Managing Partner, Park Square Executive Search

Vinit Nijhawan - Managing Director, Office of Tech. Dev., and Director of Enterprise Programs at ITEC, Boston University

Scott Savitz - General Partner, Data Point Capital

Simeon Simeonov - Founder & CTO, swoop

Alyssa Stern - Vice President, Future Forward Events, LLC

Advisors Emeritus

James Chung - Founder and President of Reach Advisors

Scott Cohen - FoundingManaging Partner of Financial Media Holdings Group, Inc.

Kristen Collins - Managing Partner, KMC Partners Public Relations

Lisa DeSisto - Vice President and General Manager of Boston.com

Ralph Folz - Co-founder, President and CEOof Molecular

Michael Gaiss - Senior Vice President of Marketing, Highland Capital Partners

Alex Goldberg - Managing Director, Canary Ventures

Michael Greeley - General Partner, Flare Capital Partners

Alexander F. Kleiner, III - Founder of Frictionless Commerce Incorporated

Michael Hirshland - General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners

Matt Lauzon - Founder, Gemvara

John McEleney - CEO, Belmont Technology Inc.

George Neble - Partner, Assurance & Advisory Business Services at Ernst & Young

Patrick Rafter - Founder and Principal, Valuecasters

Alison Taunton-Rigby - CEO of RiboNovix, Inc.  

Bill Warner - President, Warner Research; Founder, Avid Technology and Wildfire Communications